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Berlin/Bergkirchen, 11th December 2018


United Nations Climate Action Award goes to Germany for the first time


Sebastian Joy (left) and Andreas Schöfbeck (right) with the „Momentum for Change“-Award at the award ceremony in Kattowice

The health promotion project “Aktion Pflanzen-Power” [Plant Power Campaign], initiated by ProVeg and BKK ProVita, received the UN “Momentum for Change-Award”. The prize giving took place today in the scope of the UN climate conference “COP24” in Kattowice.

In the scope of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC, two projects by ProVeg were given the “Momentum for Change Climate Action Award 2018”, in the category of “Planetary Health”. One of the two prize winning projects is the health promotion project “Plant power campaign” initiated together with BKK ProVita. ProVeg and their partners win the renowned prize for their dedication in schools, throughout the whole of Germany. The prize is going to Germany for the first time. The prize giving took place at a ceremony in the scope of the 24th UN climate conference in Kattowice, Poland.

ProVeg and BKK ProVita promote child health and climate protection

The “Plant Power Campaign” has the objective of improving availability and quality of plant-based dishes in schools and nurseries. During the health promotion project, ProVeg and BKK ProVita have reached 24,800 pupils up til now, in 41 schools all over Germany, on the topic of wholesome, plant-based nutrition. In the participating schools, campaign days are organised, where the children cook under professional guidance, and can try many tasty plant-based dishes. The project aims to increase the availability of healthy and climate friendly food in schools.

Healthy nutrition for a healthy body and a healthy planet with “Plant Power Campaign”.

Andreas Schöfbeck, chairman of BKK ProVita, travelled to Kattowice for the prize giving. He said: “As a health insurance company, we promote plant-based nutrition, because it is healthy. With the Plant Power Campaign, our health promotion can reach lots of children in the school environment. The positive effects on the climate are another important advantage of plant-based diet, conveyed to the children in the Plant Power Campaign. “

Sebastian Joy, Managing Director of ProVeg, explains: “We are overwhelmed by the award. It confirms ProVeg’s approaches and shows how closely our daily nutritional habits are linked to climate protection.“


COP24: Fight against climate change

The 24th climate conference of the United Nations (UN) is currently taking place in Kattowice, Poland. 20,000 people from 190 countries were invited to the two-week conference: representatives from politics, science, economics and non-governmental organisations came together, to drive forward the implementation of the Paris agreement, and make the world aware of the problem of climate change.

UN climate action award “Momentum for Change” for “Plant Power Campaign” by ProVeg and BKK ProVita

15 ground-breaking initiatives from all over the world were commended as winners of the UN climate action award “Momentum for Change” on 11 December 2018. The 15 projects were selected from a pool of 560 applications from all over the world. “Momentum for Change” is an initiative of the secretary’s office of the UN climate protection conference. It recognises innovative solutions, which deal with both climate change and further economic, ecological and social challenges. In the category “Planetary Health”, innovative solutions are distinguished, which bring the needs of human health into alignment with those of a healthy planet.

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