BKK ProVita

Together for a healthy world.

For us, health is more than a service: We are committed to the holistic well-being of people and planet.

Welcome to the Planetary Health Insurance.

High values, best performance – new appearance

We are very happy to introduce you to the new website of BKK ProVita!

BKK ProVita is one of the oldest German health insurers, driven by a deep understanding that health and wellbeing of our planet and the human society are strongly co-dependent.

Our new appearance reflects our values ​​and our beliefs. We are committed to your health in a healthy environment.

At the moment we are still working hard on the website and will add more English content soon. Our baby will definitely still have a few “teething problems” – therefore an error or gaps can still occur at one point or another. If you notice any irregularities (e.g. broken links), please inform us by email at so that we can fix them quickly.

And now have fun surfing!

Yours sincerely

BKK ProVita – the fund for life